Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Onnini Sruthithazhi Paaduka - ഒന്നിനി ശ്രുതിതാഴ്ത്തി പാടുക

This is also a melodious one. Sung by a legend of malayalam music industry, P Jayachandran.

I have a strong relatioship with this song, because I was attracted by the light music songs very much in childhood itself and this is the first song I will rememeber when I think about light music. A regularly broadcasting track on DD malayalam in 80s and 90s.

I tried my best to express the feel to the song. Hope you will like this.
Because of the noise from outside my room, usually I record after 12 in late night. Obviously there are some mistakes. Please adjust !!!!!

I dedicate this song to my dearest teacher Mr. Ranjith C and Roopa chechi.

Singer : Jayachandran
Lyrics : ONV Kurup
Music : Devaraajan Master

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