Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Onnini Sruthithazhi Paaduka - ഒന്നിനി ശ്രുതിതാഴ്ത്തി പാടുക

This is also a melodious one. Sung by a legend of malayalam music industry, P Jayachandran.

I have a strong relatioship with this song, because I was attracted by the light music songs very much in childhood itself and this is the first song I will rememeber when I think about light music. A regularly broadcasting track on DD malayalam in 80s and 90s.

I tried my best to express the feel to the song. Hope you will like this.
Because of the noise from outside my room, usually I record after 12 in late night. Obviously there are some mistakes. Please adjust !!!!!

I dedicate this song to my dearest teacher Mr. Ranjith C and Roopa chechi.

Singer : Jayachandran
Lyrics : ONV Kurup
Music : Devaraajan Master

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  1. Fantastic work Ranjith..I really enjoyed your smooth and clean rendition.Though this song sounds a bit light to listeners,the singers defly need to do a great effort to get the right feeling to it..Wonderful job you have done..!

  2. hi ranjith nice to hear u .wonderful job kutta!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. wonderful ranji I simply loved it. meet when ever u r free.

  4. Haii...u'v really done a remarkable job !!
    Keep going with your nice efforts...Waiting to hear more songs from u.. :)

    With best wishes and prayers,

  5. രഞ്ജിത്ത് ബായി…


  6. മനോഹരം!
    ദൈവാംശം ഉള്ളിലുള്ളവര്‍ക്കേ പാടാനാവൂ,
    പാടുകയും പാട്ടു കേള്‍‍ക്കുകയും ചെയ്യുമ്പോള്‍
    ഈശ്വര സാന്നിദ്ധ്യം ആണനുഭവിക്കുക.
    സര്‍വ്വനന്മയും നേരുന്നു .പ്രാര്‍ത്ഥനയോടെ,
    മാണിക്യം .

  7. Great composition by Devarajan Master... there cant't be a better tune for this song.. excellent lyrics as well

    You have captured the 'Soul' of the song very well.. keep Singing Ranjith!

  8. Hi Ranjith...

    That was a nice rendition .. You did a very good job..Kurachu koodi open throated aayittu padaamaayirunnu - at those high notes...Great modulations and feel..All the best..

    N V K

  9. Dear Bother.

    I reached here unexpectedly .After spending 10 minutes with u , I feel my choice is justified.

    When i was a kid this was one of the time filler songs in DD.
    Often I have seen my mom crying after listening this song.As a kid I used to wonder why she cry on listening this particular song.
    Couple of decades passed and , I still dont know the reason. :)
    I really enjoyed ur songs.
    Expects more like this from you.
    Not everyone can sing. And you are truly blessed.

  10. hi nannayirikunu ranjith .

    snehathode devu chechi .

  11. onnini thirithazthi paaduka poonguyile .ennomal urakkamay unartharuthe.
    jayettante oru pranayam niranja gaanam . nice .orikalum koziyatha sugandhamulla poo pole .nice blog .

    nannayirikunu ranjith .
    snehathgode devu chechi .